Terms of References of Provincial Coordination Unit:

  1. To implement policy, guidance, procedure and leadership etc from Steering Committee-BBSYDP for implementation of program.
  2. To launch training program under BBSYDP through Public and Private Sectors.
  3. To monitor the overall implementation of youth development programs under BBSYDP and maintain an up to date record of all trainings.
  4. To receive, release and disburse funds under BBSYDP to all stakeholders engaged as per approved PFT in training programs through Fund Flow Mechanism approved by BOD and Finance Department.
  5. To facilitate all the departments and TEVTs' institutions in preparation of proposals.
  6. To initiate a centralized media campaign for the program.
  7. To maintain a centralized data pool for Provincial Government.
  8. To coordinate with Program Management Units on implementation, sharing of data and two way transfer of knowledge.
  9. To maintain a website for the Program carrying data about training programs and information on employment opportunities etc.
  10. To conduct surveys of all existing Public / Private Sector training Institutions (viz - TNA and Trainers) and analyze for discrimination.
  11. To arrange and conduct stakeholder's seminars for disseminating the idea and getting a proper buy in.
  12. To prepare and present periodical and annual report for Steering Committee, BBSYDP and the Government of Sindh.

Provincial Coordination Unit:

The PCU is the implementation and monitoring arm of the Provincial Steering Committee(PSC). It act as secretariat of the PSC and provide technical assistance to all the training partners in the implementation process. The PCU is to develop a monitoring mechanism for all four streams of Program and maintain up to date record of all trainees, trades, training institutes and funds.
Organizational Chart of Provincial Coordination Unit :
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Provincial Coordination Unit
Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program
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